Publicizing the Brand

In England by Eller Student

As a PR Intern at Riess, I have started to learn more about the press and the importance of publicizing the brand.  Many large magazine companies, such as Vogue, InStyle, Mother & Baby, Red and Marie Claire contact the Press Office for Reiss clothing and accessories. They inform us of their photo shoot, which could be for November or December issues, and my job is to help pick out items to be sent.  For larger and more popular companies, we like to send more items to ensure the company has variety.  Other companies that are small, we simply ignore because we do not want to send out popular pieces that could go to a bigger company.  By watching Andrew, a co-worker, I am starting to realize which companies are more important.  I have also realized that although this seems unfair, Reiss wants the most attention possible from the items, which I have realized is a smart business tactic.   I have not had very much variety in the work that I do, which is okay because I am still learning how to interact with the press.  I have realized that e-mails are worded much different than they are in the United States.  In many of the emails I read and receive, people write short, fragment sentences and do not show much enthusiasm in the email.  It is really hard for me to tell whether or not someone is angry or happy because of the lack of punctuation.  I try to respond in a similar way, yet I feel like my responses are a lot more positive. I am still learning but I am excited to see if my supervisor or co-workers will give me anything new to try.