Confidence is Key

In England by Eller Student

Kiley MacKay

Journal #5


I cannot believe that my time here in London has finally come to an end. I never could have anticipated all that I would learn during my two and a half months here. Looking back on my experience at FashAddict, there are a couple things that come to mind that I have learned, which I believe will benefit me greatly in my future endeavors.

One of the most important traits I have learned with my internship at FashAddict is how crucial confidence is for success. Often times, I find myself feeling small and uncertain when I come up with ideas to present to my employer and I know this shows. Through much help and guidance, Jackie has taught me how to confidently present my ideas in thoughts in a logical, confident way that shows those who I am working for that I am “confident that my idea will be successful and beneficial to my company. I believe that this life skill will carry me far in future job opportunities.

Another important trait I learned at FashAddict is the importance of keeping good accounts of ones spending’s and savings. Because FashAddict is lacking in their fiscal department, I have seen money and time often go to waist because there is not the appropriate means of tracking finance. I believe that having items such as a company credit card, a financial department, and even simple things such as income statements can either make or brake your company.

All in all, I am immensely grateful for my many opportunities here in London, and am looking forward to putting them to use in my future endeavors.