Attache Communications: Skin Care Line

In England by Eller Student

This past week at Attaché Communications was my probably my favorite week yet. Jane has taken on a new project that I really am enjoying helping her with, I really would have loved to be working on this my whole time here. A new skin care line is launching, and Jane is assisting in promoting the products around London. I have assisted her in coming up with creative and innovative ideas to allow the new line to stand out from its competition. As I have previously expressed, Jane is not up to date in the technology field, so I helped her create a twitter account for the skin care line. This will help prospective customers learn more. I also helped Jane re-design the website for the line, making the site look more attractive and appealing.

As my internship is coming into its last week, I can’t express enough how lucky I feel to have been able to take part in an international internship. The company I worked with has given me knowledge on how businesses can be run in a different country, as well as skills I know will be useful throughout whichever career path I take in the future.