Miss L Fire Boutique

In England by Eller Student

This week in my internship I worked a lot with social media and newsletters. I learned how to use the program that allows you to format a newsletter and send it out to everyone who is subscribed to receive them. The newsletter that I wrote up was about the World of Miss L Fire boutique and grand opening party. Since I did not attend the grand opening party and have never been to the store in Las Angeles I was given blog posts and articles to read that were written about the store. This material was very helpful to me not only to write up the newsletter, but they also helped me to better understand the company and its customers. From the material that I read I realized that there is a fairly large population that has a love for retro fashion, and they are a pretty tight knit community in Las Angeles. The people who all attended the grand opening party all have been looking forward to it and were more than excited to welcome a Miss L Fire boutique to their neighborhood. I found this very interesting because I don’t often see women dressed in full on vintage fashions walking down the street, this goes to show that Lynsey and her team did a fabulous job at picking out the location of the shop and found a location where it will do well and bring something more to the community.