Real Human Beings

In England by Eller Student

With the final week of my internship approaching, I am definitely maximizing my time at the London Mutual Credit Union. Despite my short amount of time with the company, I am beginning to be trusted with more demanding and intellectual tasks. On Tuesday, Sneha and myself were able to review specific credit control cases on our own. We essentially had to look at a real member’s past loans, their credit history, and their current account transactions to decide what method of action we should take. These actions could seriously affect this person’s life, and it was very difficult to decide what route to proceed with. As always, one of my supervisors reviewed my decisions and walked me step-by-step through her logic. With so many credit control decisions being subjective, it was difficult to make the hard choices (such as taking someone to court). I think everyone in our department can benefit from remembering that these are real human beings, not just account numbers on our computer screens.

Another change with my internship was the fact that everyone is starting to feel comfortable “being themselves” around me. I can now see who likes to focus solely on work, who likes to joke around, and who can be very sarcastic. The British humor is starting to come out in full force in my department. I was made fun of for being the only man in the room on Monday, and I was able to respond with my own sarcastic comments. There is always a fine in the workplace, but I was able to be myself and not take any jab too far. I am enjoying this more lighthearted workplace. It makes time go by much more quickly.

Lastly, I finally completed my payday loan project. It was rather boring, but the senior manager appreciated the results. I look forward to ending my summer with LMCU, it has been an amazing five weeks.