Professional Setting and Focus

In England by Eller Student

Kendal Glatthorn

London Internship

17 July 2013

Journal #4

            This week was a bit different for me because my boss, Dominique, was over in Paris finishing up a large project. This meant that on Monday and Tuesday I had to work from home and on Wednesday I went and delivered some furniture pieces around London. Working from home was definitely a new experience for me. My assignment was to continue building up our brand name on Pinterest and Tumblr since we are starting to amass quite a following and I found it surprisingly difficult to stay focused on working. Since I spend most of my time on the Internet, there are plenty of distractions and I was not in a professional setting so I found myself drifting from my assigned tasks. Until I had to work from home, I did not realize how important a professional setting is to my focus. Even though when I am at my office I am given a different set of tasks then everyone else, I am still part of a communitarianism setting where everyone is working towards the common goal of our company’s success. This communitarianism environment really helps me stay focused so when I became part of an individualism environment I was a bit less productive.


My favorite part of my internship is actually how I spent my day Wednesday. I love being able to go and do furniture installations because not only do I get to see the end product of all of our work, but I also get to have direct interactions with our clients. It’s amazing to be able to work with different major corporations throughout London and see a little piece of how all these offices operate. Most of these companies have a clear Eiffel tower sort of structure to their companies. When I first arrive I am usually dealing with a receptionist or personal assistant, these people then take me to their supervisors who are most commonly the people I am doing business with. This is a very similar structure to the way companies are ordinarily run in the U.S. so this was very easy to adapt to and well inside of my cultural norm.