Businesswoman Development

In England by Eller Student

Kendal Glatthorn

London Internship

24 July 2013


Journal #5

I came to London with high hopes for my development as a businesswoman and although it was less glamorous at times then I anticipated, all my hopes were realized if not surpassed. The cross-cultural setting that London provided to my internship at Lerival allowed me to grow as an internationally successful individual and further pursue my goal of working abroad. After this summer as an intern at Lerival, I have walked away with a plethora of new experiences, insights, and opportunities.


In my last week two weeks of my internship, I gained some invaluable experience. I have become much better at Photoshop and I hope to continue building these skills so I can potentially add this to my resume in upcoming months. I have also become much better with InDesign and have learned some very useful shortcuts and tricks from Dominique. I sent out two mailing list flyers about upcoming events where Lerival will be featured and continued to build our social media profiles. What I’ve gathered from Dominique’s responses to my work she has been most excited with the work I’ve been able to accomplish on Pinterest. We are slowing building a following of people and other businesses, which is great for our brand recognition and creating a company image. There were many valuable things I took away from this internship but I think the most significant is that if you don’t tell your employer what you want out of your time at their company, then there is now way their going to be able to meet your expectations.