Last Week with Omni Local

In England by Eller Student

This week at Omni Local I saw a different side of event planning- establishing partnerships. In order to get Laugh Kingston completed and presented at the end of October John knew that he had to get outside help. He set up a meeting with a man named Dan from a company called Wildcard who has held several successful festivals in the past. Upon coming to the meeting Dan constructed an email laying out his ideas to make the event run more smoothly. The major points he highlighted were producing online ticketing to generate revenue before the festival and giving the venues less freedom in scheduling the acts they would like to host. These ideas consumed our meeting because they strayed from John’s main goal to focus on charity. I believe I took a great deal from this meeting by sitting quietly, because I got first hand experience watching the storming phase of group collaboration.

This was not a usual meet and greet for a business venture. Typically when groups meet for the first time they get side tracked with personal stories to try to get to know each other better. This situation was much different. Dan when straight into the meeting with improvements he wanted to make on the event. He began telling us what to expect before John even knew that he was on board for the partnership. Some may see this as excitement and eagerness, but John saw it as Dan trying to turn his charity event into a profit. I realized that in order to be taken seriously you have to be willing to put your ideas out in the open from the beginning. Yes, it can appear to be aggressive but it gets the job done. John needed to hear the hard truth about some of his amateur ideas from Dan, who has previous experience. Dan needed to be told that not everything is about revenue from John who is more focused on celebrating the local community of Kingston. Overall, I believe their new relationship will make the event happen on time. I am glad that I got to see the next step in the process of putting together an enormous event right before heading home.