Emphasis on Achievement

In England by Eller Student

It is really hard to pinpoint one cultural aspect that is surprising or odd to me in my work environment. I have found in the various sports related jobs I have had that the industry is overall relaxed, casual, friendly, hard working but playful at the same time and it is no different here. In my internship, I have noticed that work is more synchronic than sequential. I have several projects appointed to me each with different levels of priority. If I am working on a golf course album, for example, and a press release comes through, I pause the album, complete the release, then continue to work on the album. I feel this works in favor of the magazine, since multitasking is quite important in the field of media. The work environment is has a mixture of individualism and collectivism. The design team does more teamwork than the editors in that they talk to each other about certain layouts and pictures, fonts, colors etc. My site supervisor lets the other interns and I work much more individually, leaving us to write and research on our own then reviewing and editing if he feels our work needs it. The thing that has surprised me most is the emphasis on achievement over ascription. The same is true back home, it is not who you are it is what you do that determines your success. What I found interesting is I was speaking with one of my coworkers, and he told me that he didn’t finish college, rather worked his way up and he is now the Senior Designer for the magazine. I found that incredible, and wonder if that could still happen back home, since every job you would want to apply for will always ask for at least a bachelor’s degree. Overall, my work environment is not as culturally different than what I am used to.