In England by Eller Student

This week, the Open Championship at Muirfield is taking place. Most of my coworkers left for Scotland to attend the tournament, which meant crunch time at the office. It was much busier than usual, much more press releases, news and blogs thrown my way which I am happy to be doing. So far, I have 22 publications on Golf Monthly’s website. This makes me pleased on a personal and professional level; I had never been published before, which is always exciting, but I can see how this will help me market myself as a valued employee in future job applications and interviews. By having my name on an official website for a magazine shows that I have strong enough writing skills to be trusted with publications which, in my field of study, are always a desired requirement. This week I also learned another aspect of CMS. My image research project for the top 100 golf courses ranking was finalized, and the next step was to upload them to the webpage. Creating galleries has a slightly different process than articles. If the picture needs cropping or resizing, I have to use photoshop to do so, another much valued skill to have. Although I am only touching on the basics of it, simply knowing my way around the program is already a big plus. My site supervisor seems pleased with the work I do, and I hope next week is as busy as this one.