Remembering Monsoon

In England by Eller Student

Nicole Edgar

Fie Summer Internship

Journal #5, August 2nd

MONSOON – Accessorize

                  In my previous journal entry I was upset with the lack of responsibility I was being given. After talking to my boss about being able to handle more responsibility and telling her that I would like to help with much more she decided to try it out. She even went as far to only allow three interns working each day so each person got an even amount of work and making the most of the internship. Today at work I was given projects that are actually extremely important to the PR and marketing department. First, one of the women in the department, Arianne, asked me to go to the nearest Monsoon store and select clothes for a photo shoot. I was not given exact items to select, but a general idea. I went to the store and selected the items that would work best for Glamour magazine’s photo shoot. I quickly picked out items that I thought the stylist for Glamour would like and returned back to the press office. I was really surprised when she asked me to simply pack it up and send it out. She didn’t even ask to check the items that I picked out. She trusted my choices completely and that felt really rewarding.

Another thing I was asked to do was create a few weekly emails that would be sent out to everyone subscribed to Monsoon’s promotional emails. It is up to me to come up with phrases, outfits and other creative things to get people interested in Monsoon. Making them more willing to click on the link to purchase some of the things I suggested. Being given more responsibility at Monsoon made the last two weeks at my internship a lot better and more enjoyable. I was able to feel as if I was really making the most of it and learning a much as I could.