The Question

In England by Eller Student

Lindsay Shekleton

You’ve got a Question; I’ve got an Answer


            “How has interning internationally benefitted you? I think a smarter bet would be working in your own country to gain contacts there.” During an art finniasage this week, an inquisitive gallery owner posed this challenging question of me and my fellow international interns. While they were both stumbling for a response, I was grateful that my International Internship Course had prepared me to suitably and more importantly successfully respond to such an inquiry.  Having learned how to fruitfully frame, not only my gained knowledge in my field, but more significantly so explain the beneficial impact of interning internationally, I was able to convince the gallery owner of the importance of global experience for the contemporary work force.

For instance, according to NASFA 2012, only 1% of American students undertake international internships (Villiers-Stuart, 2013). This small percentage is undeniably becoming increasingly attractive to potential employers. As the concept of a “shrinking world” becomes universal, and businesses progressively become more aware of the advantages of overseas involvement, possessing international work experience is more vital than ever!  As an American student possessing international experience in a global workforce, I am already gaining my autonomy from the crowd! This allows me to stand out from other potential job candidates.

Furthermore, global students who participate in international internships gain the skills needed to successfully contribute to productive cross-cultural communication and cultural competence. These skills made all the difference in successfully sustaining a global enterprise. In fact, the skills gained in an international experience even aid in domestic careers as well. A recent survey completed by “The Chronicle of Higher Education” showed that many employers feel that recent graduates are lacking a certain few basic areas: adaptability, communication skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. Funny enough, these are exactly the skills one builds while abroad. Gaining the experience from an international internship advanced not only my resume, but also my potential as a potential employee.