Transitioning Again

In England by Eller Student

It’s surreal to think that after having to adapt to a new culture so quickly I’ll going back home to the States and essentially need to re-adapt.  Despite only being here for a rather small amount of time, London has definitely left an impression.  I feel like working with my credit union has not only given me crucial insight into the various cultures and work ethics of the global business environment, but also given me a different perspective on financial banking.  Working with London Mutual Credit Union has taught me not only to be more aware of different peoples’ lifestyles and privileges, but also in a way how to be more patient.  This London experience as a whole has taught me to the value of having patience, awareness, and understanding in a work environment.  I feel as though these three qualities not only make adapting to new situations easier but also aid in achieving success.  For example, in more exciting news, I was heavily complemented by my boss this week.  She said she was very impressed by my work ethic and my ability to get work done correctly in a timely and efficient manner.  She was also pleased by how well I handled some situations and how quickly I was able to blend in their quite tight knit work environment.  While I’ve been complemented before by my employers, getting these reviews while being aboard and working in a real office environment felt amazing.  Thanks for a great summer abroad, Mike.