London Internship

In England by Eller Student

Thomas Daehler

Internship Journal Entry #1

June 19th, 2013
On Monday June 17th I began interning for FDU Group, a London based financial consulting and head hunting company. I was excited to begin learning about the finance industry. On the first day my supervisor instructed me to study all the companies that FDU has worked with. The list was incredibly long and consisted of a wide variety of companies. After researching clients for a few hours I got the chance to sit down and talk with the owner company, Adam Bloch. He explained what FDU group does and also gave me a brief history of the young company. Adam told me what kind of tasks I could expect on a day-to-day basis. He said my primary task will be working to enter data into a database and refine the information already in the database. Since FDU Group is a head hunting company they need a database to keep track of potential candidates.

After my meeting with Adam I began getting familiarized with the database and then started entering data. For the rest of Monday and the majority of Tuesday I extracted information from candidate’s CVs and entered them into the FDU database. Most of the CVs belonged to extremely successful and high-ranking finance professionals. Reading these CVs has allowed me to learn a great del about the finance industry. I am now familiar with all the certifications that are essential to success in the finance industry as well as several career paths that I can take as finance major. On Wednesday I continued my data entry work and also had a meeting with my supervisor and other interns. During the meeting we discussed ways to improve the database and everyone asked questions. Overall, my first week was excellent and I have already learned a great deal.