Barcelona Awaits!

In Spain by Eller Student

Marietta Cummings, Accounting, 2016

     In less than four days I will be boarding a flight to my very first trip to Europe! Being both excited and nervous, I can’t wait to begin my adventure in Barcelona, Spain. I guess my main expectations are that the city will be beautiful, the food will be amazing, and that my internship will give me really good experience. The energy in Barcelona will be crazy during World Cup games, and the beach will most likely become my second home. I look forward to meeting the other students on my trip and making some amazing memories with them. I also look forward to thoroughly getting to explore Barcelona! 

     Although I expect the trip to be overall amazing, I do have some apprehensive expectations. I know for sure that I will miss my family and friends a lot, that I will be a target for pick-pocketing, and that the language barrier will definitely be a challenge. I do feel however that these are all things that I can adapt to! This trip holds so much opportunity and adventure, I know it will be something I will always remember. Barcelona awaits! And I’m sure ready for it.