Expectations for a summer of a lifetime in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

Mallory Wollenberg, Eller Econ & Finance 15′

As the deadline approaches to my departure to Barcelona I have begun to think about all the wonderful experiences I will be getting in Spain. As far as expectations go, I am really looking for an indescribable experience visiting all the new places in Spain as well as gaining experience in business working for TMF group. During my internship at TMF group I hope to work with a group of friendly, upbeat people who are going to introduce me to international business and help me exceed my studies in accounting, finance and marketing. After completing this experience I hope to become more familiar with working in a business setting and really getting a better understanding of what everyday life will be like for me out of college. I have never been to Europe before so I am very open to learning and seeing all new things. I am so excited to begin my journey this summer in Barcelona and I know it will only lead to brighter things in the future. I can’t wait to see what Spain has in store for me!! 


View of Barcelona at night