Expectations for a Summer of Experience and Adventure in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

Mayra Almada, Business Management, ’16

As the day of departure to Barcelona gets closer and closer I have had time to reflect on my expectations for my internship this summer. I am sure I am about to embark on a experience that will mark my life in every way possible. I am looking forward to working for Alpify where I hope to gain a hands-on experience in the business world. Being bilingual will help me take my internship and my experience a step further. Working next to other future leaders and entrepreneurs will help me learn to work with people from different cultures. Traveling to Barcelona will help me expand my cultural and professional views outside of Mexico and the United States. This internship will help me grow as a citizen of the global business community. This summer is the beginning of my life as a professional outside of Eller. While school prepares for a degree, it is working that prepares me for a career.



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