Expectations for London

In England by Eller Student

Kelsey Racanelli, Business Management 

As my departure for London is slowly creeping up on me I have only one word to describe how I am feeling: excited. This is an opportunity that I have been looking forward to and talking about for months and now that it is finally approaching it doesn’t seem real. My expectations for London mostly stay the same in that I truly do not know what to expect. People can give you advice and tell you what to anticipate however, I believe I wont truly know what to Unknownexpect until I’m immersing myself into the culture and wandering the streets of London (most likely lost). I am excited for this experience to live in a foreign city and gain valuable insight on international business as well as to have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. I’m anxiously awaiting my arrival into London and am greatly looking forward to becoming neighbors with Kate, Will and of course baby George. Here’s to the experience of a lifetime, Cheerio!