Expectations for London

In England by Eller Student

Kaylie Burton, Accounting, ’16

London. A city that both excites me and scares me. My journey begins the ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????minute I set foot on that airplane as I have never been outside of North America. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to the eleven and a half hour flight. What I am looking forward to is the adventures that await me across the pond. From watching Shakespeare’s plays at the Globe to watching World Cup matches in pubs, my excitement is at an all time high. But this excitement doesn’t come without nerves. 

For months I have been told to prepare for the inevitable culture shock and the awaiting sense of feeling homesick. But how can you prepare for something like that? Buy some cookie dough ice cream and curl up with a blanket? Okay, I’m liking that possibility. But in all seriousness I don’t think there is much to do to prepare for these feelings, and that’s what scares me the most. You can pack everything you need and research until you can’t take in anymore information but that’s not going to change anything. Taking these feelings head on is the only thing to do and that’s what I am prepared for. 

In one week I will be the farthest I have ever been from home and that’s a scary thought. But to hell with it… I’M GOING TO LONDON!