Internship Expectations- Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student


Rebecca Noya, Public Management/Business Minor

May 26- First Entry


I really had no expectations for this summer when I intentionally applied for the Dream Careers program. I knew that I wanted to go abroad and I knew that I wanted to work and gain experience in an interesting, fast paced, and challenging work environment. Looking through all the internships during the selection process, most of them did not jump out at me and did not seem exciting. Until I saw MTX Fashion Design. I never had really planned on working in the fashion industry but I have also liked clothing and design and it seemed like it would be fun and everything that I was hoping to gain this summer. As the start of my internship is approaching I’ve learned more about what my internship responsibilities are. I will be developing a Fashion Marketing and Sales Campaign, collaborating with Retromarine Events.


I am excited to practice my Spanish and the skills that I have learned in classes. I am excited and eager to start working! I can’t wait to be there already. I am spending my entire summer in Europe and traveling to several different places once my internship ends. Studying abroad has always been my dream and I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store for me.