Living in Barcelona By: Taylor Urke

In Spain by Eller Student

So far we have been in Barcelona for 17 days now. It has been an ad395364_10151701888392386_104900531_njustment living here from the food to the lifestyle change. Everyone in the office at Hotelerum, where I am interning are very welcoming and nice. I have enjoyed learning about their business and working with them. We have to take the metro every day to work which takes about an hour commute to get to work from where we live. The business culture in Barcelona is much more laid back than in America. They take their time with projects and tasks and don’t rush like the typical American.

The food here has been interesting for the most part. They eat a lot of breads which I am not used to. They also eat lunch between 2-4pm then they eat dinner around 9pm. I love the city and the architecture. I have traveled to Prague and Ibiza so far. Next weekend I am looking forward to returning to Paris for the weekend.