London Internship 2014: No Expectations Required

In England by Eller Student

Allegra Amend, Finance and Film & Television, 2016

When traveling to a new and foreign land, the unknown is everything. A traveler’s expectations often never turns out the way he or she had originally intended. But that’s the beauty of beginning a new journey.

From the U of A to London!

From the U of A to London!

My first time traveling independently abroad was last summer when I volunteered at a children’s home for three weeks in Costa Rica. I was absolutely terrified and excited to be surrounded by an unfamiliar environment in a different language. It was an amazing learning experience that sparked my love for traveling to new countries and taking in what this big, beautiful world has to offer. Its people, its cultures, its foods – humanity is as vast as the land that it exists on and I intend to explore all of it.

This summer, I am privileged to say that I have the opportunity to travel to Great Britain with a small handful of my peers from the Eller School of Management. We will be living, studying, and working side by side in one of the oldest cities in existence: London. I think all of my fellow classmates accompanying me on this London adventure can agree when I say that the expectations we have for the following 10 weeks of our lives cannot be precisely expressed in exact words, however we have all promised to try as we collect exciting memories and make future blog posts.

I’ve personally decided to begin this journey with no expectations. Although I’ve made this decision, it isn’t because I don’t expect to gain anything from this trip, but it is because I’m open to absolutely and positively everything that comes my way. I will embrace London with open American arms and know that whatever happens during my time working and studying in the city will be an unforgettable and invaluable experience to my education and my own personal journey. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days I will be stepping off of a plane and into the land of fish n’ chips, strange English accents, and the Beatles. I know that London has so much to provide culturally and institutionally, and soon enough I will be calling it a second home. I cannot wait to begin this terrifically exciting journey and make memories that will last a lifetime.