Summer in Barcelona!! My Expectations

In Spain by Eller Student

Edith Sosa, Marketing

Before I arrive in Barcelona, I will be spending four days with my aunt and her baby in Palma de Mallorca. I am glad that I will be spending this time with family because it will ease the adjustment to the new country. Once in Barcelona, I will be interning with Manos Unidas. I expect this internship to be a growing experience in many different ways. I believe that my communication skill will improve a lot, as well as my language and networking skills. After interviewing with my boss, I am pretty positive that I will enjoy this internship. Daniel seems like a very interesting person who is excited about having me with with him this summer.

I am very excited to explore a new country. I know Spain is a beautiful place with so much to see. I want to make the best of this summer and take in every opportunity that is presented to me. I am anxious to see how this trip changes me as a person because I know it will impact my life in a positive way.

Saying bye to my mom this morning

Saying bye to my mom this morning was rough