A Different Lifestyle in Barcelona

In Spain by Eller Student

Emma Bishop, Pre-Business, ’16


Being in Barcelona for almost two weeks now has been one of the best and most interesting experiences of my life so far. IMG_3866Barcelona has a very different style of living than the United States. It is much more laid back in every aspect. Showing up on time or getting work done constantly are not things that are high up on the priority list in Barcelona. Siestas in the middle of the day and lunch being the biggest meal are amazing to me. Certain things like that I really appreciate about the lifestyle here.

The thing that has been the hardest for me to adjust to here has been the language difference. I have taken a few Spanish classes and know basic words so that helps me out a little, but it can be exhausting trying to communicate with people sometimes. Being in Spain has definitely made me want to continue to learn Spanish so that I perhaps can come back here one day and really put my Spanish skills to the test.

I don’t think the transition to Barcelona has been too much of a culture shock. I’m enjoying seeing all the differences between here and home. I hope to continue to find similarities and differences as my stay here continues.