A Summer in Hong Kong: Expectations

In China by Eller Student

Norman Wright, Pre-Business

I still cannot believe that one week from today I will begin a life-changing experience! I have traveled abroad before, but never to Asia and never by myself; I was always with family. It will be quite an adjustment to live and work in a different continent, especially without my family. Even with these circumstances, I am expecting the greatest eight weeks of my life in Hong Kong!
I am looking forward to working at Dinchack, which is a new company that provides training and consultation for corporations and individuals. The founder, Mush Panjwani, has worked in the field for over twenty-five years and is a very motivated man; I’m excited to work for him! Outside of my internship, I want to get out of my comfort zone, including exploring Hong Kong, other cities in China, and try new things. Seeing different cultures is the best way to learn in my opinion, and I believe my learning will expand by taking advantages of the Dream Careers sponsored trips and my own traveling ambitions, which include Macau and Beijing. 

Hong Kong Skyline at Night