Adapting to the Spanish Culture

In Spain by Eller Student

McKenzie Storey, Accounting, ’15

After being in Spain for two weeks, I have not fully adjusted to the culture in Barcelona. The first week I was here I did not feel any culture shock because I was exploring tourist areas and always traveling with large groups of my friends. However, after attending Sonar Music Festival in the city, I experienced culture shock. I have been to festivals in the United States, but nothing compared to the environment at Sonar.

There were people from all over the world of many ages drinking, dancing, and partying at the festival. I met many people from other parts of Europe because they would come up to me and start talking. This struck me because at festivals in the U.S. everyone keeps to themselves for the most part. People are more unapproachable at festivals in the states, but at Sonar everyone was there to enjoy the company of everyone and anyone at the festival as well as the music.