Expectation: I’m coming, Hong Kong.

In China by Eller Student

Baoye Zhao, MIS, 16

If you ask me “how many expectations I have for Hong Kong?”, I will answer “a lot of”. Several years ago, I went to Hong Kong and I still cannot forget the prosperous streets, the romantic seas and the appetizing food. The memory of Hong Kong is beautiful, but travel is like a puzzle and I have only finished the corner. Now, it is the time to finish the puzzle because I have more time!


The internship is very specific and I hope to have a good journey and life with my new friends and colleagues. I am very familiar with the environment and culture of Hong Kong, so I believe I could join in the environment quickly. I work for a company named “Lively Impact Technology Limited” in Hong Kong’s Science Park. The technology of the company is focused on advertisement and I will try my best to learn what I can. I will combine my practical experience and my theoretical knowledge to maximize my best advantages in working conditions. Also, I will think over my future outlook of my career. I believe it will be an unbelievable journey for me. I’m coming, Hong Kong!