Expectations for London Internship

In England by Eller Student

Kevin Martin, Finance 

I’m very excited to almost be taking off for London. I know this is a once in a lifetime experience and can’t wait for it to begin. I don’t really know what to expect going into this trip. I’ve never visited Europe before so I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing landmarks throughout the different countries.

I really hope I will have plenty of time to travel during my nine-week stay. Hopefully there will be time to travel across Europe even with my internship and class taking up a majority of my time. Places I’d like to visit include Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Dublin. 

Not knowing what to expect out of this experiance is somewhat nerve racking. I haven’t received any information as to what I’ll be doing for my internship but hopefully I enjoy my work experience. I still need to pack for my trip and I don’t think its really hit me yet that I’ll be leaving for Europe in four days. I can’t wait to arrive in London and have a feeling this summer will go by extremely fast.