Expect the Unexpected

In China by Eller Student


April Neafus, Marketing, ’17

My expectations for this wonderful opportunity lie at both ends of the spectrum. I say this because I believe that one can only expect so much from a country to which they have never been. On one hand, I have the highest expectations. Hong Kong is a melting pot of every walk of life. This city is a spectacular business and cultural center and emanates promise of an amazing internship and overall experience. On the other hand, I have no idea what to expect! I have never ventured to this part of the world before. Once my plane touches down, the possibilities seem almost dream-like and frankly a little scary. But this is why I chose to participate in this program. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and being a little scared is what will make this whole excursion (and 17 hour plane ride) more than worth ignoring that tiny fear and pursuing what I have always dreamed of doing.