First Impression of Prague

In Czech Republic by Eller Student

pragueAriel Rodriguez, Accounting 2015

It’s hard to believe that I have already been in Prague for over two weeks. This is my first time in Prague and in Europe, and in so many ways, Prague has met my expectations. Prague is a beautiful city filled with color, domes, and spires (it is called the City of a Hundred Spires). Looking out onto the city, it almost looks unreal, like I am looking into a screen.

In terms of weather, Prague has had both good days and bad days. I expected Prague to have amazing 80 degree weather and packed accordingly. To my unpleasant surprise, I arrived to cold, cloudy, and rainy. Of course, I was worried because the majority of my wardrobe consisted of shorts and tank tops. Luckily, the weather has warmed up.

Prague is just a magnificent city; it is everything that I expected it to be. There has not been a day where I am not in awe of this city. I am so happy that I was able to travel here, and I cannot wait for what is in store in the coming weeks.