London Expectations

In England by Eller Student

Audrey Wheeless, Marketing 2016

Samuel Johnson once said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” I am feeling very blessed to be able to spend my time abroad in London this summer working at an internship, learning in the classroom, and living in one of the most influential countries in the world. Although I have been to London before, I have never had the opportunity to be there for such an extended period of time and surely never had the chance to immerse myself in a culture by working in it. I am confident this will be the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to get started.

So far, the most difficult part of getting ready for this trip has been trying to pack for 71 days. Is 50 lbs. per bag a requirement or more of a suggestion? I think British Airways is out to get me. But even as I pack, I still don’t feel like I’m leaving for the whole summer. I know I’m going, it just hasn’t set in yet. I know time will fly by when I’m over there so I’m just going to try and soak it all in and jump at every opportunity thrown my way. This is going to be a summer for the books and I couldn’t be more excited.