London Internship 2014: My Expectations

In England by Eller Student

Alix Loire, Marketing ’16

Wow. It is surreal to think that in 3 days I will be boarding my flight to the UK to spend my summer in the beautiful city of London, learning about their culture and immersed into their working life. There is so much unknown going into this experience which makes my excitement even greater. 

I am so fortunate and thankful that I get to spend my entire summer abroad in a city I have dreamed about for many years! Even though the change may be a bit scary at first I am anxious to set out on this new adventure and get out of my comfort zone. I am sure that the experiences I will gain from this summer, both from living in the culture and my internship, will broaden my horizons immensely and help me in my future career. 

I cannot even begin to describe my hopes and dreams for this summer and I am positive that London will be beyond what I expect it to be!

See you soon London!

london city pic