My Expectations for Hong Kong

In China by Eller Student

Thomas Kirschenbaum, Pre-Business, 2017

I leave for Hong Kong in about five days and I am beyond excited. I am from a small farm town in Washington State where 90% of the students were caucasian and I have only been out of the country to go to Canada. Needless to say I am lacking some culture but that will change a lot in the next 8 weeks.

When I first think of Hong Kong, I think that I will be going to somewhere that is not common as a foreign destination. I wanted to be different and go somewhere more interesting than the typical foreign destinations such as Paris, Rome and London. When I first get to Hong Kong I feel like I will be out of place. Whether its carrying my passport on my lanyard, taking the MTR to work or getting yelled at in Cantonese by the taxi driver, it will be very strange for a few days or weeks. But luckily it isn’t the first time I have had to adjust to a new city such as Tucson.

My expectations for work is to be able to learn and consult efficiently with others at Wing On Professionals, a professional services firm. I will be working with the accounting firm and I hope to get a lot of experience and be able to decide if accounting is the right major for me. Hopefully it will be so that I can further pursue my career.

The City of Hong Kong

The City of Hong Kong