My Expectations for Living and Working in Hong Kong (Infinity Financial Solutions)

In China by Eller Student

Rana Gidwani, Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Class of 2015

As a kid, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong for a couple days, but that doesn’t nearly compare to a two month long cultural immersion. However, a combination of prior experience, a vision of the city, and multiple orientations giving useful advice has allowed me to envision the trip and what it is going to be like. At this point, I feel as if I know what I’m getting myself into.

I expect the work life to be fast paced and very busy. As Hong Kong is a bustling city, I can only imagine the work lifestyle to be comparable in nature. However, I feel as if it is going to be a corporate environment completely different than that in the States. Hong Kong is still a far-east culture, which leads me to believe that the attire and breaks will be a lot more relaxed, and coworkers will become family much faster. My goals for work include putting my all into everything I do and taking on a new initiative for the company from conception to execution.

Hong Kong at night.

I expect the living situation to be comfortable, but that I will only be using the dorms to sleep. Since there is so much to see in the city and surrounding areas and only two months to explore it all, I believe that unless I am sick or jetlagged, I will not be in the dorms for very long each day. I plan to make the most of every minute available and see every corner of the city.

Finally, I expect the food to be incredible. A huge lover of Asian cuisines and an intense foodie, I have heard nothing but good things about the edible side of Hong Kong. The food is probably my greatest expectation and what I am most excited about. Altogether, I have a great feeling about this experience, and I cannot wait to take on every aspect of it head-on.

I can’t wait for the opportunities presented to me through my internship and look forward to an enriching and fulfilling experience. The link to Infinity Financial Solutions is listed as follows:


Rana N. Gidwani