My Hong Kong Expectations

In China by Eller Student

Grey Edwards, Political Science

Having met a couple of students who are going to Hong Kong as well, I am very excited. Since I won’t be alone when I first arrive, my transition into an unknown country will be much easier than expected. I am looking forward to getting into a routine and having friends that I can count on just in case I need help. 

As for the upcoming internship opportunity with Bestrong Limited, I am not sure what to expect since I do not know Hong Kong. What I hope to arrive to is a group of individuals who can use my marketing experience so far to their advantage. I would like to further improve my marketing experience and turn my experience into expertise. After my interview with Bestrong Limited, I was very excited when they chose me as their internship candidate. I believe it will be a positive experience and one step further to improving myself in the field of marketing. 

What I expect Hong Kong to Look like at night time

What I expect Hong Kong to Look like at night time