Re(Re)-readjusting to Spain

In Spain by Eller Student

Karl Leclerc, Accounting

After being in Spain for two weeks I think I have found my groove again. This is my third time visiting the country of Vino and Sol and it hasn’t taken me long to get into stride again. I love being back in the country of giant lunches and siestas. 

Unfortunately for a lot of the people in my group, the transition hasn’t been as easy. A lot, but not all, of the people I see everyday have struggled to get used to the time change, the siestas, the different food, and mostly the language. I’m lucky to have been here before. It makes me more used to the non-interested waiters, the warm drinks, and the lack of solid breakfast foods. Most people are slowly getting used to it and its been interesting to watch the transformation from the outside. 

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