Summer in Hong Kong Expectations

In China by Eller Student

Marie Archibald, Finance ’16

My flight to Hong Kong leaves in less than two weeks.  I’m getting more and more excited about my upcoming adventure, but less and less excited about the hours I will be spending on a plane.   I’ve traveled and lived abroad, but I have never been to China.  In fact, I have done very little travel in Asia at all so I am excited to experience something outside of my comfort zone.  I hear that Hong Kong is just like any other large, international city, so maybe it won’t be quite as different of an experience as I am anticipating.

I am also looking forward to working abroad! At twenty years old, it is rare to travel abroad for 8 weeks, let alone work abroad for 8 weeks.  Although, I am hoping that there will be some time to play when I am not in the office.  I am eager to explore Hong Kong and places nearby such as Macau.  I know that it will be an incredible cultural and work leaning experience, and I can’t wait to get the 17+ hours on a plane over with so I can start my adventure.