A Wild, Indescribable Feeling

In Spain by Eller Student

Kathleen Castro

Major: Marketing

Expected Graduation: May 2018

     Returning to the United States was such a wild, indescribable feeling. It’s been almost two weeks now and I am still in disbelief. It’s weird not being surrounded by authentic, old, European buildings every day. Being abroad definitely gave me an appreciation for America that I didn’t fully grasp until re-emerging myself back in American culture. For instance, getting to and from places here is much easier and much more efficient than when I was in Barcelona.

     On the flip side of that thought, I’m now missing that long, relaxing alone time commuting to work in the morning and afternoon. I used that time as a sort of meditation to just appreciate my surroundings and gather my thoughts before work started. It’s also weird not being outside as much. Barcelona was hot but it was just sort of the norm to always be outside. In Arizona, outside is avoided at all costs necessary.

     All in all, I am happy to be back in America with all my friends and family. However, I do feel as though I left a bit of my heart behind in Barcelona!