Adjusting to Being Back

In Spain by Eller Student

Olivia Caton

Marketing Major

Expected Graduation: May of 2018.

     I have been home from Barcelona for one week! I am glad I interned abroad and gained work experience in a foreign country. I learned how to adapt in different environments. Coming back to the United States was bittersweet. I was sad to leave Barcelona, but also excited to head back to school and see my friends and family. During my last week of Barcelona, I spent a lot of time exploring my favorite attractions for the last time. 

     I already miss the busy city of Barcelona and amazing food like paella. I miss the beautiful historical buildings and beaches. I am adjusting to being back in the United States. For example, I had to get used to eating earlier again since we always ate around 10pm in Barcelona. I will get back to my normal routine when school starts soon and I have school work and extracurriculars to keep me busy.