Being Able to Move in the Shower

In Spain by Eller Student

Grant Radebaugh
Finance Major
Expected Graduation: May 2017
     Since being back in the states, I have started to both miss Barcelona, but also enjoy some of the simplest things that I have again. A few of the things that I miss the most are how long the days tended to be in Barcelona. Even though it was tough to get used to at first, having the sun up for longer periods of time is something I miss. Another thing that I have started to miss since being in Barcelona is the slowed down, more relaxed pace of life compared to the busy and fast paced of life in America. However there have been some of the smallest things that have made me extremely glad to be back. One of these includes having a shower that I can move around in and not feel trapped in. When in Spain the bathrooms that I was used to using had a shower where I could really only stand in and rinse off, so being able to have a bigger shower has been really nice. Another joy since being home is having food that I know and am accustomed to. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the food abroad, yet the food since being home has been amazing. I feel that one thing that goes with this is how in America there are fast causal restaurants, where in Spain each time you were to eat out it would typically be a couple hour experience. At the end I was extremely grateful for being allowed to go by those who supported me and have brought back many valuable lessons and skills.