Extremely Blessed

In Spain by Eller Student

Symone Ziemba

Expected Graduation:May 2018

Major: Marketing

     I have now returned to the United States from my two month trip to Barcelona. I am extremely blessed to have traveled the places I have and for the opportunities that have allowed me to do so. I can honestly say I wish I was still abroad. I miss the excitement and adventures that use to consume me on a daily basis. I will forever remember my memories from my journey and the life lessons gained.

     Being back in the states is a new status of culture shock. I am regularly surprised that others can understand my English and I no longer have to point to a food item on a menu. As I tell my family I am happy to be home, I am secretly longing to be back in the crazy city of Barcelona. Not only did my voyage provide me with work experience, but it allowed me to develop friendships that will last a last time. This experience is one I will always remember and hold dear to my heart.