Greatful for the Opportunity

In Spain by Eller Student

     Hello! My name is Theadora Shulman, I am a Family Studies and Human Development major and I have an expected graduation date of May 2017. I have just arrived back in the United States from a two month experience in Barcelona, Spain. The experience I had was not only incredible but also unforgettable. I was able to learn so many things about each place I visited, meet new people, and discover things about myself that I did not know. I was able to try new foods, learn a new language, and learn about different work environments and how they differ from America. I was pushed out of my comfort zone to go and be adventurous throughout my time abroad.

     Working abroad was the best experience and I am grateful for the opportunity that I had. I was able to work in a new environment, live as a local, and call Barcelona my home away from home. Being back home though is a lot different than I expected as I miss my host country and what it had to offer. Being home is great and hearing English constantly is something that I am grateful for but I miss the cultural experience that I hope to one day experience again. Overall, this trip was an experience of a lifetime and it only makes my urge to travel stronger in which I hope to pursue again in the near future.