Happy But Missing the City

In Spain by Eller Student

     My name is Nicolette Fischer and I am a senior at the University of Arizona. I have been abroad in Barcelona for the past two months while completing an internship and just recently returned to the United States. I am working to complete my major in Accounting and minor in Global Business. I plan to graduate May 2017.  This abroad experience has changed my overall perspective on Spain. In the beginning of my trip I did not feel like I connected and loved Barcelona as much as my peers. However, towards the end of my trip I had realized how much I cared for the city and how sad I was to leave it. Barcelona truly feels like a second home to me after this trip.

     While I was away in Spain I did miss many things from the United States such as people, certain foods, and my home. However, the experiences that I endured were well worth the wait to come home and be reunited with the things that I missed. Before I left for my trip two months seemed like such a long time to be away from home but once I was there, time flew by. I am happy to be home in the United States but I miss the beautiful city of Barcelona.