Homesick For Spain

In Spain by Eller Student

Andrea Talbot
Major: Double with Pre-Business and Spanish (*Concentration in Translation and Interpretation)
Graduation Date: December 2018
     As I arrived home and awaited my family to pick me up in the airport, I felt homesick…but this time homesick for Spain! I began to think of all of the things I had learned within my internship, all of the wonderful people I had met, all of the amazing weekend trips, and all of the fun memories. Yet, when I saw my family again it was such a happy moment. I truly missed them very much and it felt great to hug them and see them all again! Luckily my first night back home we had a nice dinner altogether and once home I crashed from being so exhausted from the long day of traveling. I slept in the first morning and the following nights I would wake up far too early in the morning because I was still used to the time of Barcelona. Yet, I did my best to get used to the Arizona time again by going to walk with my grandma in the mornings and keep as busy as possible during the day. Yet, the days feel so much shorter now! The sun would be out until 10pm back in Spain and here it disappears by 7pm. I found myself struggling with re-adjusting to the Arizona time and would constantly see all of the pictures I had taken over and over again. I miss Spain, but it feels great to be home, be with my family and friends, and have Mexican cuisine again!
     I must say that I truly miss the extra day light and all of the wonderful sceneries as well! The overall experience was amazing! I will never forget this trip! I truly enjoyed my internship,built strong connections, and had an awakening moment. This trip made me realize that the world I knew of is not even a pinch of what the world holds. There is so much yet to see! I can’t wait for my next trip, can’t wait to see more cultures, meet new people, and discover how the business system is unique to each country. I no longer just picture a few states, Mexico, and Spain-I now see that there is so much more that I am truly curious to see and experience! This experience has opened my eyes. I now have various new goals to reach and I can’t wait to start working on them all! I thank God for this unforgettable, life changing, eye opening experience,and I hope to have many more wonderful experiences such as this one. I hunger to learn and discover more about the world.