Many Differences

In England by Eller Student

George Suddock
May 2017
     After spending my summer in London and experiencing the English lifestyle, I understand the differences between American and European cultures. One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is the amount of personal space each culture feels is necessary to be comfortable. In London, everything was small and was packed tight areas. In America, roads are spread 4 lanes wide and have stop signs at every intersection. Another thing that is noticeable is that everyone owns a car and commutes to work on their own, rather than using public transportation. Another difference that has been unexpected is that Americans have a different mindset when it comes to foreign countries. Americans feel as if crossing the border to another country is a big deal while in Europe, citizens travel to different countries all the time.
     One of the most interesting parts of traveling to London this summer was being in the UK during the Brexit Vote. Since being back in America, watching the Presidential race has a lot of differences to the way politics is conducted in the UK. Since citizens in UK vote for representatives who will vote for their country’s leader, the US president is chosen by the citizens voting directly for the President. During the summer, the Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and Theresa May took over. Talking to my coworkers after, they seemed okay with the leader of their country changing without their individual voices being heard. In America if the President was reelected without a citizen vote, people would not be as calm. Overall, the differences coming back to America has proven to be more shocking than when we first arrived in London.
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