Reaffirmed My Interest

In Spain by Eller Student

Josephine Morlidge

Marketing Major

May 2017

      I could not have asked for a better was to spend my summer. Living in Barcelona for two months really opened my eyes to how the business world is in different countries and reaffirmed my interest in moving to a different country after I graduate. While living in Spain I loved the culture, architecture, and the overall way locals lived. As soon as I got back to America though I felt a wash of comfort that I had not realized I had missed. The language barrier was the most obvious challenge, but I spoke enough Spanish that I could get by so that did not seem like too much of an obstacle until I returned to America and could talk to everyone in English. Free water and being able to easily split checks at a restaurant was also something I had missed, which was nice to return to at home. The final thing that stuck out to me the most upon my return was suddenly not having to worry the whole time about my belongings being stolen. I had gotten so used to clutching my bag in public and not putting my phone in my back pocket that my friends and family gave me weird looks the first time I was with them just out and about because I was being so over the top with guarding my things in comparison to everyone else.

     While I am overall happy to be home, I definitely miss Barcelona a lot. Most of the people I met there through the program go to school at the University of Arizona so I am still able to see them, but I cannot do so while sitting on the beach listening to locals converse with one another. I go to college out-of-state so I am pretty used to being away from home for extended periods of time, I think I grew a lot as a person doing so in a foreign country. When I had questions I could not rely on my parents to tell me where to go because I knew the area better than they did. This forced me to become even more independent than I already was, which I definitely came to appreciate.