The Best Summer of My Life

In Spain by Eller Student

Matt LaBarre
Major: MIS & Entrepreneurship
Graduation Date: December 2017
     When reflecting on the past few months, I can without a doubt say that this was the best summer of my life. I experienced so many amazing things and met so many remarkable people. When I first got to Barcelona I was nervous and never thought that I would someday feel as comfortable as I did at the end of the trip in a foreign country. I now consider Barcelona my second home and I can’t wait until my next visit to the magnificent city. There is something for everyone and I don’t know a single person on the trip who didn’t enjoy their stay.
     My job at Selftising was also exactly what I was looking for. I was able to gain a variety of new skills, while working in the heart of the city on one of the largest streets in Barcelona. Everyone in my office was very friendly and always willing to teach me new skills on the computer. My boss Ramon always came to work in a positive mood and made myself and the other intern at the company feel very welcomed.